Charter Tours

Take a customised group tour anywhere in the South Island, with the assistance of our expert guides. We will take you to the places you want to go, and arrange the details so you don't have to. No other tour company offers the same flexibility.

GeoTours' charter tours can take you anywhere in the South Island, with an expert guide to make sure you get the most out of your New Zealand experience. Charters are ideal for school groups, conferences, or anybody with specific interests.

How it works

Contact us with your plans, telling us the number of people, dates you'll be travelling, and places you'd like to go. We will organise a guide, transport, accommodation and meals (lunches not included) to fit your needs. For charter tours we require a minimum of ten people, but one teacher, group leader or translator can travel for free.


Departs Christchurch

By arrangement


By arrangement


NZ$120 per person per day (minimum of 10 people required). Includes guide, transport, accommodation, breakfasts, dinners and snacks.

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Accommodation is selected for its location and/or facilities. All are unique and interesting. Couples will receive their own room. Singles will share rooms with their own gender. Singles who wish to have their own room may pay a surcharge fo $90 for the whole trip.

All accommodation has cooking facilities and the tour will stop at supermarkets en route for those who wish to do their own cooking. The group will share facilities. Restaurants are available at all locations. Breakfast consists of a selection of cereals, yoghurt, fruit, toast and a selection of spreads. All hot and cold drinks covering the whole day are provided with snacks.

Payment is by credit card or cash. No deposit is required.

Your guide will also accompany you on activities in some locations. We also cater for any type of group with experience with families, mature citizens and backpackers of all nationalities.